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The Depot Podcast with Erin Olson

Apr 22, 2021

In this episode, Erin Olson asks the question, "What if they (the disciples) hadn't obeyed?" as she continues in the book of Acts chapter 1. After Jesus’s resurrection, but before His ascension, Jesus spent forty days teaching the disciples. He commanded them to not leave Jerusalem and wait for the gift that was being sent by His father (Acts 1:4). For ten days after Jesus’s ascension, the disciples obeyed this command. They gathered together waiting and praying with one another. Unlike the three days between Jesus’s death and resurrection where the disciples were scattered, this time they stayed together. 

What if they hadn’t obeyed Jesus out of fear or just plain disobedience? What if they went ahead of Jesus’s plan? How different might things have turned out. Instead, we have the book of Acts. Luke’s historical account of the account between Jesus’ resurrection, ascension and the early church (about 30 years worth of history). We can learn not only a lot about the early church in this book, but we can learn a lot about ourselves through this book. How would you have responded if you were in the disciples’ shoes?   

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